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Redemptorist Superior General Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R. has appointed Coordinators for the five Redemptorist Conferences that were created by the General Chapter in Rome in 2009. The Coordinators act as Personal Delegates of the Superior General in the geographic area they serve.


Father John Kingsbury, C.Ss.R., D.Min. is the Coordinator for the Conference of Redemptorists of North American Conference. The Office of the Coordinator is located at Holy Redeemer College, 3112 7th St.NE, Washington, DC 20017.

Father Kingsbury first professed vows as a Redemptorist in 1975 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1980. His previous assignments have included parish ministry in the US and Caribbean, retreat ministry and formation ministry for Redemptorist seminarians. He has also served on the Extraordinary Provincial Council of the Baltimore Province for 18 years.


Conference Council


John Schmidt, C.Ss.R. 
(Province of Denver)


John Sianchuk, C.Ss.R. 
(Province of Yorkton) 


Jacques Fortin, C.Ss.R. 
(Province of Sainte-Anne de Beaupre) 


Glenn Parker, C.Ss.R. 
(Vice-Province of Richmond)

Frequently asked Questions…


What is a Conference? 
Currently, there is the General Government in Rome and then the individual Provincial governments. The conference is a middle-level government structure that will include a number of provinces. The Conference is a new organizational tool to help Redemptorists discuss some of the broader issues facing the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer in North America.How does the Conference function?The Conference will look for ways that Redemptorists can work across province boundaries in various ministries (social justice, communications, outreach to the poor, parish missions, etc.) as well as ways it can strengthen our formation programs, support weaker local units that may be struggling, in short how Redemptorists can best fulfill our mission with the resources we have available.
What is a Conference Coordinator? 
The Conference Coordinator is a full-time position and operates out of a virtual office. The Coordinator  travels to meet with various Redemptorists committees, and thanks to modern technology, in some cases is able to be present at meetings without being there physically. The Coordinator of the North American Conference is working with Redemptorists from the United States, Canada, and the English-speaking region of the Caribbean.What is the Conference Coordinator’s role? 
The Coordinator’s role is to participate in broad discussions about our ministry and our structures. Each year the Coordinator gathers the Conference together for a yearly Conference Assembly (comprised of the superiors of the provinces, vice-provinces and regions, as well as province vocals, or delegates). As chairman of the Conference Assembly, the Coordinator facilitates the decision-making process and then presents the Conference Assembly’s recommendations to the General Government.

Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation!
(Letter from our Superior General)

Dear Confreres, Sisters, and Lay Redemptorist Missionaries,

On Thursday, August 1, 2013, in the Church of St. Alphonsus in Rio de Janeiro, I will officially inaugurate the Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation which was proclaimed in April. The General Government encourages each Province, Vice-Province, Region and Mission to begin celebrations of this year on August 1, or as soon afterwards as you can. During the year, we urge you plan events, celebrations, prayers, catechesis, community retreat days, and other ways of promoting this Year in creative ways.

At this time, the General Secretariat for Formation presents you with the following elements for the Year for Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation: Logo Design, Theme, Prayer, and the Triptych (small ‘chapel). These elements are suggested by the General Government, but each Province, Vice-Province, Region or Mission will have to adapt them to the particular circumstances in which you are living the Redemptorist Mission.

As Witnesses and Missionaries of Redemption, we ask God to renew our vocation as individuals and especially as one missionary body (C. 2). In the tradition of St. Alphonsus, the great Mysteries of Redemption include: the Incarnation (humanity infused with the presence of God, cf. c. 19); the Passion (commitment and self-gift for others in Jesus, cf. Cc. 48-50); and the Resurrection (new life, abiding presence and transformation in the Spirit, cf C. 51, 56).

As witnesses, we give testimony not only by remembering the great mysteries of our Redemption, but also by living more fully these mysteries. As missionaries, we invite others to share more fully in the copiosa redemption proclaimed by Jesus the Redeemer.

May this Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation inspire all of us – Confreres, Sisters, Lay Redemptorist Missionaries and young people – to a deeper renewal of our identity as Witnesses and Missionaries of Redemption! With St. Alphonsus, may we “follow the example of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, by preaching the Word of God to the poor” (C. 1) with passion, creativity, joy and hope.

On this feast of our Founder, St. Alphonsus, I wish you every grace and blessing. May his apostolic zeal, his passion for Jesus Christ, and his love for the abandoned and the poor continue to give us hope and courage for our mission today. Blessed and joyful feast day to one and all!

May Our Mother of Perpetual Help and St. Alphonsus accompany us throughout this year of grace.

Your brother in the Redeemer,
Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R.
Superior General